Introduction to Archaeology

review essays for Assignments 1 & 2


handouts for class...science and archaeology & research design

handout for class...nature of archaeological record

handout for class...archaeological survey

handout for class...archaeological excavation

handouts for class...dating techniques

handout for class...social and political organization

handout for class...social and political organization

READINGS....in order of appearance on syllabus

The following 8 readings are very short, and from the same book. They are excellent, concise summaries.

The following 4 readings are very short and from the same book used in week 9 (above). They too are excellent, concise summaries.

this overview will also be helpful, although it is not listed on your course calendar

SLIDE SHOWS - OLMEC & MAYA (as shown in class)

Presentations/Debates --- MT SAC COLLEGE

May 23

Group 1, Topic: Vikings: Totally Chill or Looking to Kill?

Presenters: Joshua Baumgarten, Johnathan Dunn, Yiining Liang

Group 2, Topic: Lost Colony of Roanoke. What Happened?

Presenters: Tabitha Anctil, Jennifer Puga, Derek Gee, James Hsu

May 30
Group 3, Topic:

Group 4, Topic: The Lost City of Atlantis: Myth or Real?

Presenters: Arturo Zaragoza, Ivette Luevano, Cynthia Rodriguez

June 4
Group 5, Topic:

Group 6, Topic:

June 6
Group 7, Topic:

Group 8, Topic: